About Us

We are a dedicated team of qualified architects and designers with experience in 3d design and visualization software that specialize in architectural visualizations and presentations.




Asymmethree offers a wide range of high quality, professional visualization services for architectural projects, competitions and development promotional use. This includes...

Computer generated images

CGI is the staple of modern promotional tools. We offer high quality visuals of interior and exterior spaces, guaranteed to promote the best qualities of your design.


A direct and immersive experience, 3d panoramas enable the prospective client to explore the spaces on their own, on any device, by using the appropriate application.

3d printed scale models

We also offer the production of 3d printed models as well as custom built models for more traditional presentation purposes.


Media presentations are powerful in promoting your idea. We are experienced in producing animations of different lengths, for a variety of purposes.


To receive a quote please send us a 3d file, or drawings, of your model so that we can give you a price and time estimate. We use 3ds MAX, Archicad and Autocad, so we can accept any compatible file. Apart from your requested service (still renderings, animation etc.), we usually require some additional information on the project in order to consider the work needed.


Once a project begins, we send constant feedback to be sure we are always in agreement. We supply view options of the finalized version of the model, before materials and lighting have been applied. Once the final views are selected we continue with the rendered versions of the selected views to discuss the direction of the final image atmosphere. We usually supply images with a long side of 4K pixels, depending on orientation. A first down payment is required before view proposals are sent. The full sum is paid before final images are delivered.


Our design team consists of architects and designers, proficient in design programs and visualization tools, that are ready to give you the highest quality visuals at the quickest timeframe.